Ombre Wedding Cake

ombre turquoise wedding cake
I snuck a picture holding the cake before the reception.
It's always an honor to be a bridesmaid for a close friend, and an even bigger honor to make the wedding cake too! 

I combined the look of two cakes the bride found online, to make a three-tiered obmbre turquoise cake, adorned with buttercream pearls at the base of each tier, topped with a trio of gerber daisies. 

obmbre turquoise wedding cake cutting
Cake Cutting!
Photo by: Purple Horse Designs

Though I didn't use my bridesmaid dress for a color match, the cake ended up matching almost perfectly. 

The top and bottom tiers were vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream, and the middle tier was red velvet cake, at the request of the groom. 

I love the simplicity of the three gerber daisies topping this wedding cake -- would you believe that I added the flowers while we were getting ready? 

This allowed the flowers to remain as fresh as possible, and also included the bride in the final decoration. It was so special to share that moment with her hours before the “I do’s.” .

ombre wedding cake
Photo by: Purple Horse Designs

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