25 Days of Christmas - Day 14

sugar cookies, christmas sugar cookies
Decorated with love, & Christmas music in the air. 
What’s your earliest or favorite Christmas memory? 

The earliest memory I can time-frame is actually a Christmas memory too! Shortly before my 3rd birthday, when we were living in Alabama, I remember “helping” my dad set up the tree...however much help an almost 3 year old can be tightening the screws to the Christmas tree base. But I remember every year after that, I wanted to help put together the stand to hold our Christmas tree. It was a red basin with green legs and large eye screws. (Mom, Dad, please don’t tell me I’m remembering that incorrectly 🙈) 


Christmas Cookie Giveaway: Each day I’ll post about my Christmas cookies, with a prompt and each comment response to the prompt is one entry to win a box of Christmas cookies! You can receive one entry per post, on either Facebook or Instagram through Dec 17th. I will draw & announce a random winner on Dec 18th, so the prize box can be mailed & received in time for Christmas. (Comments must be made on the same day as the post)

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