A German Chocolate Birthday

"Do you make German Chocolate Cake?" A good friend of mine asked me, the other day. I said I never had, but I definitely could! So she placed an order for a German Chocolate birthday cake. 

I researched several recipes, and since the recipes only varied slightly in ingredient measurements, mixing methods, etc, it was easy to find a solid base recipe; which I will start tinkering with to achieve sweet perfection.) 

Making the cake was a breeze. 
It was light and airy chocolatey deliciousness, and the icing was a sweet'n'toasty caramelized combination of coconut and pecans. 

 I was hesitant about the icing, it sure tasted delicious, but since I had never made or even tried German Chocolate Cake, I wasn't sure if it was the right delicious taste.  
Happy Happy Birthday, Josh! 
I hope your day was as sweet as this cake :)

Make your day Sweetly Entwined! 

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  1. Happy birthday to Josh.This German chocolate cake looks divine! I so wanna give it a try.Thanks for sharing your experience with this cake.