What's Thanksgiving Without Pie?

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is pie--pumpkin, apple, fudge, and more.  Though I'm partial to apple, pumpkin pie is almost synonymous with Thanksgiving dessert which is why a close friend of mine ordered a gluten free pumpkin pie.  While pie is not officially on my menu until after my graduation, it his hard to find delicious gluten free treats, and there's almost nothing I wouldn't do for a close friend.  
unfortunately the crust fell in while the pie was baking, but that didn't affect the deliciousness!

The recipes yeilded extra pie crust and filling, so I made individual pies, for my aunt who is also gluten free.  I made both apple and pumpkin, the pies my family has every Thanksgiving.  

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  1. This pie looks delicious and tasty and it is a really interesting one. It is really unique since it is the first time I'm seeing this design. Will try to see if I can bake something like this or not. Wish me luck.