The Story Behind Sweetly Entwined

Last summer I started my Curls Entwined blog, posting recipes when I had time (aka: almost never).  This summer I am making more progress, but I still haven't posted as many recipes as I want.  Each time I make something I post a picture on Facebook and say that a post will be coming soon, but that never quite happens.  I'll start drafting a post, get sidetracked and forget to finish.  But don't worry, I'm working on them :)

I've made so many treats for work, that a few of my coworkers asked if I would bake something for a party they're having.  My first official customer was Erica, who asked me to make a cake for her boyfriend's birthday; take a look at the fishing themed cake I made for her...

After years of support and encouragement from friends, family, and coworkers, I decided to make my dream of owning a bakery into a small reality.  So I created this blog to showcase the cakes/treats I sell, take orders and gain new customers.  

I chose the name "Sweetly Entwined" after bouncing a lot of ideas off my trusty sounding boards, better known as my best friends.  I knew I wanted to play off my existing blog name and I came to love Sweetly Entwined.  

My baking inspirations come from all over—I intertwine my experiences and interests into sweet creations.  Baking is also a way to connect with the world around me, I mean, we all have to eat don’t we? And there’s just something about sharing my treats with others; I get such satisfaction when someone loves what I’ve made.  

I owe my success thus far to everyone who has sampled my treats, inspired me to try new recipes, encouraged me to continue doing what I love, and had faith that I won’t fail.  Special thanks to my parent for putting up with years of me making a mess of the kitchen; thanks to my reliable taste testers also known as my family, friends, and coworkers; and a shout out to Rachel and Amanda who listen to all my ideas and ambitions without thinking I’m crazy.  

But my most importantly I owe my thanks go to my dad, who taught me to make classic chocolate chip cookies when I was 7.  I will never forget that moment which sparked my passion for baking.  Thanks Daddy!

So, now that you’ve had a taste of my story, why not have a taste that’s Sweetly Entwined?

This site is still a work in progress, here's a preview to the menu, an official menu and pricing are coming soon!  

Make your day Sweetly Entwined! 
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