A Little Fish in a Big Sea

I have decided to finally enter the vast world of "home bakeries;" there is an endless supply of bakers and caterers that make sales simply through an online blog.  Hence the name of this post.  I'm excited to start making connections and sharing my passion with customers.

All summer I have been baking treats for my office.  At first I made something twice a week, but I quickly started to bake something almost every day; in fact, some of my coworkers give me a hard time if I don't bring anything.  from cookies and cobbler to cupcakes and muffins, I have been finding, editing, and testing recipes.  I love using my coworkers as taste testers as much as they love eating my treats.  There's just something about sharing what I make with others; I find such satisfaction when anyone eats my baked goods.  

After about the second day I baked something, my coworkers would tell me, "you know, you could sell these" or "you should open a bakery."  Little did they know, that's been my dream since my dad first taught me to make classic chocolate chip cookies.  

And now, my dream is starting to come true.  

I just sold my first official order to my coworker, Erica.  She asked me to make a cake for her boyfriend's 25th birthday and insisted on paying me--not that I had any idea what to charge.  Erica gave me some general ideas, but told me that I could do basically whatever I wanted.  She said Greg was obsessed with fishing,  liked white/confetti cake, and had been asking for lemon bars/lemon flavored things recently.  So, with a little help from Pinterest, we decided on a polka dot cake with lemon buttercream icing, decorated with a fishing theme.  

Fishing themed cake, decorated as a pond with 2 
bobbers and a fishing reel on a grass bank
I decorated the walls of the cake with cattails.
Inspired by Pinterest, I incorporated a fishing hook
into his name.

Inside of the polka dot cupcake :)

 I can't wait to keep practicing and building my cake decorating skills and started selling more treats! 


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