Team Red, White & Blue

Have you seen this Eagle flying?

I first saw it a couple of years ago when my dad, a retired Air Force pilot, met some Team RWB members at a triathlon event. He joined the local chapter for runs, races, and volunteer events, and the rest of my family would get involved when we could. 
"Team RWB is a veteran support organization whose mission is to enrich the lives of wounded veterans and their families. Specifically, we support their reintegration process by connecting these wounded veterans to a reliable friend in their community. We use athletic events to build awareness, fundraise & inspire others to join our team."

I officially joined Team RWB after moving to Atlanta, and the group has already become family. To help celebrate the Atlanta Chapter's 2nd birthday, I surprised the group with these Eagle cookies. 

As the daughter, granddaughter, sister, cousin, and friend of those who have and are selflessly serving our country, I am proud to be a part of such a great organization. 

Birthday Bites

First let me start off by saying how grateful I am to have such supportive coworkers; I'm new to my company and mentioned my baking business in passing, and have already received several orders!

Most recently, my coworker, Robyn, placed an order for some bite size cookies to share with our department for her birthday. 

Robyn ordered these scrumptious Classic Chocolate Chippers and Double Chocolate Chip Cookies to share. 

I was more than happy to help make Robyn's birthday a little more special and Sweetly Entwined.  

Make your day Sweetly Entwined! 
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Celebrate the Earth

Happy 45th Earth Day!

I'm celebrating Earth Day by bringing these themed Pinwheel Cookies into the office.  
What are you doing to recognize Earth Day?

Love, Mom

One of my repeat customers recently ordered a care package for both her son and daughter.

Each care package included:
12 Small Classic Chocolate Chippers
12 Small Molasses Cookies
12 Small Sinckerdoodles
2 Sticky Buns with Walnuts & Golden Raisins
4 Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes 
(without frosting, since I am not yet able to ship frosted cupcakes)

Each package also included a typed personal message from their mom.


This order is the first of many care package orders I hope to fill. 
Stay on the look out for a list of standard care package options!

Make your day Sweetly Entwined! 
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For the Break Room

My mom recently volunteered with a Vacation Bible School program and requested miniature cinnamon buns for the volunteer break room. I was more than happy to bake them as I have been perfecting my cinnamon bun recipe. 

I made about 60 miniature cinnamon buns, topped with cream cheese icing. 

My mom brought 40 into the VBS break room, and my dad took the rest to his office. 
 They were a big hit in both break rooms!

And they are the perfect snack size for any time of the day!

Make your day Sweetly Entwined! 
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Middle States Welcome Bags

It's been a while since I've written a post, having been caught up with assignments and events preceding my college graduation. But, now it's time for some updates.

A few weeks before graduation I was contacted by the President's Office with an order request for 80 chocolate chip cookies to be included in a gift bags for the members of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. I was thrilled to receive this request shortly after the Washington College Magazine publication including the article highlighting Sweetly Entwined, the article was even attached to the cookie bags along with my business card!

Make your day Sweetly Entwined! 
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Julia in Wonderland

In a little over a week my cousin, Julia, will be walking down the aisle to be married.  I can't wait to share this special day with her and her future hubby, and am honored to be one of her bridesmaids.  

A few weeks ago, I helped fulfill the important bridesmaids duty of hosting a bridal shower in her honor.  Both Julia and her fiance are big tea-drinkers, so we decided on an Alice in Wonderland theme, a bridal shower tea, hats and all.  

As the family baker, I volunteered to make the desserts: sugar cookies and cupcakes.  

The sweet treats decorated in line with the theme. 

The chocolate cupcakes were topped with a light purple-vanilla butter cream frosting, the white cupcakes with a light pink-vanilla butter cream frosting, and the cookies with a light blue royal icing. 

We also served a variety of teas and an assortment of finger food. 

To complete the experience, we decorated the house with themed signs, 
made by the Matron of Honor. 

The bridal shower tea party was a success! My favorite part was the collection of pantry items and recipe cards brought by each guest. (She even got the recipe to one of my cupcakes).

Make your day Sweetly Entwined! 
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