From Miss to Mrs.

I had the great honor of not only being in my best friend's wedding, but also making her wedding cake and favors.

Kala and I have been friends since high school, back when we were a part of completely opposite friend groups. If you had known us back then, you'd be surprised how close we've remained as friends. I'm so grateful to have Kala as one of my closest friends, and was thrilled to be a part of her special day! 

In February, I flew to Virginia to do a cake and cookie tasting with Kala and her other two beautiful bridesmaids. We went bridesmaid's dress shopping, then headed over to Blackfinn Ameripub (where Kala used to work), for dinner and the tasting. 

Kala chose Red Velvet and Carrot Cake for the cake flavors, and had sent me a recipe for pumpkin sugar cookies for the cookie favors. I wasn't impressed with the Pumpkin Sugar Cookies, so I took the liberty to bring along Pumpkin Snickerdoodles and my signature Molasses Cookies for her to try. 

The verdict from the tasting was unanimous: both Red Velvet and Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting for the cake and cupcakes, and Pumpkin Snickerdoodles and Molasses Cookies for the favors. 

I brought cupcakes for the cake tasting and I sent the sample cake home with Kala, for her fiancĂ© to try. She later told me that he's not a sweets-person, but had helped himself to seconds of the cake! Success! We definitely had winning cake flavors!


A few weeks later, I flew back to Virginia for Kala's Bridal Shower. As we celebrated Kala, we munched on some delicious hors d'oeuvres, sipped on sangria, and enjoyed Carrot Cupcakes and wedding dress Sugar Cookies, among other treats. 

The Wedding Dress Sugar Cookies were the talk of party! Aside from celebrating the Bride-To-Be, of course.
How cute were these wine glass decorations?
Each was labeled with the guests' names.
They doubled as glasses for the sangria, and party favors!
The Bride loved the cookies!


For Kala's wedding, which took place at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, I made a cake for the Bride and Groom, approximately 12 dozen cupcakes, and nearly 200 cookies. 

Talk about a sweet fridge....

Photo Credit: Alexandra Kent Photography

Kala asked for a simple, naked cake. So I alternated the Red Velvet and Carrot Cake flavors, layered with the Cream Cheese Frosting. The cake was topped with a custom-monogram cake topper.

The cupcakes were displayed around the cake, on wood-slice stands, complementing the rustic wedding decor. 

After Kala & Ty cut the cake, guests were invited to enjoy the cupcakes.
Photo Credit: Alexandra Kent Photography

Photo Credit: Alexandra Kent Photography

As the reception started winding down, and guests said their final 'congratulations' and 'goodbyes,' to the Bride & Groom, they took a pair of cookies as their wedding favor. Some guests were seen sneaking two, which I didn't mind, good thing I had made extra! And the Best Man actually tried to sneak off with the entire basket full of favors...

Wedding Photography by: Alexandra Kent Photography

Make your day Sweetly Entwined! 

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Happy 240th Birthday, America

For Independence Day this year I participated in my second Peachtree Road Race, here in Atlanta. The night before, I joined the Team RWB - Atlanta Chapter for a pre-race pasta dinner. Of course, I had to bring patriotic desserts with me, to celebrate America's 240th Birthday!

A red, white, and blue velvet American Flag cake, USA cookies, and Eagle Cookies. 

Just a little 'Merica on a plate.

Make your day Sweetly Entwined! 

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Off to the Wild, Wild West

How do you wish your friend luck on her move to Oklahoma? 

With these cacti and sombrero cookies, of course! 

These sugar cookies added some sweetness to a going away celebration. 

Make your day Sweetly Entwined! 

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Pretty in Pink, Sassy in Style

What better way to celebrate your birthday with your friends, than with a Strawberry Cake and High Heel Sugar Cookies. 

This sweet strawberry cake is perfectly balanced by a sweet and tart strawberry frosting, with rich chocolate frosting to finish it off. The order was completed by the a few dozen sassy high-heel sugar cookies. 

Make your day Sweetly Entwined! 

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Team RWB ~ Board of Directors

When I learned the Team Red, White & Blue Board of Directors was going to meet in Atlanta, I planned to welcome them to the city with some Eagle Cookies. 

So once again I turned the logo into cookies for the Board to enjoy during their meetings

Founder and Chairman of the Board,
Mike Erwin, with an Eagle Cookie.

My next idea was to make a cake fitting for the leaders who support, enable, and guide Team RWB, the organization and its members pursue the mission to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.

I delivered the cake to the unsuspecting Board, right as they finished dinner.

They loved the Eagle logo, but the surprise was waiting on the inside.

Each slice of this Eagle Cake was an American Flag.

This patriotic dessert was a combination of red velvet, white, and blue velvet cakes, with cream cheese icing.

To learn more about Team RWB, visit
Find your local chapter, and get involved!

I used the extra cake layers to make some cake red velvet and blue velvet cake truffles. 

An Ode to Oreos

Here's a peek in the Sweetly Entwined Test Kitchen.....

They may look like simple Dark Chocolate and Red Velvet Cookies, but I kicked them up a notch...

They're cream filled, and absolutely divine.
Oreo may claim to be "Milk's Favorite Cookie," but these sure give Oreo a run for its money.

The sweet cream cheese filling brings balance to the rich dark chocolate and red velvet flavors; it's  an ode to Oreos that doesn't disappoint. 

Make your day Sweetly Entwined! 

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The Latest in Red Velvet...

I'm very excited to announce another addition to my menu: Red Velvet Cookies

These beauties embrace all the deliciousness of Red Velvet Cake, but in cookie form. 

Order these sweet treats with or without white chocolate chips, the choice is yours! They're delightful either way.  I'm also tinkering with a cream-filled version, coming soon!

Make your day Sweetly Entwined! 

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