Team RWB ~ Board of Directors

When I learned the Team Red, White & Blue Board of Directors was going to meet in Atlanta, I planned to welcome them to the city with some Eagle Cookies. 

So once again I turned the logo into cookies for the Board to enjoy during their meetings

Founder and Chairman of the Board,
Mike Erwin, with an Eagle Cookie.

My next idea was to make a cake fitting for the leaders who support, enable, and guide Team RWB, the organization and its members pursue the mission to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.

I delivered the cake to the unsuspecting Board, right as they finished dinner.

They loved the Eagle logo, but the surprise was waiting on the inside.

Each slice of this Eagle Cake was an American Flag.

This patriotic dessert was a combination of red velvet, white, and blue velvet cakes, with cream cheese icing.

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Find your local chapter, and get involved!

I used the extra cake layers to make some cake red velvet and blue velvet cake truffles. 

An Ode to Oreos

Here's a peek in the Sweetly Entwined Test Kitchen.....

They may look like simple Dark Chocolate and Red Velvet Cookies, but I kicked them up a notch...

They're cream filled, and absolutely divine.
Oreo may claim to be "Milk's Favorite Cookie," but these sure give Oreo a run for its money.

The sweet cream cheese filling brings balance to the rich dark chocolate and red velvet flavors; it's  an ode to Oreos that doesn't disappoint. 

Make your day Sweetly Entwined! 

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The Latest in Red Velvet...

I'm very excited to announce another addition to my menu: Red Velvet Cookies

These beauties embrace all the deliciousness of Red Velvet Cake, but in cookie form. 

Order these sweet treats with or without white chocolate chips, the choice is yours! They're delightful either way.  I'm also tinkering with a cream-filled version, coming soon!

Make your day Sweetly Entwined! 

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A German Chocolate Birthday

"Do you make German Chocolate Cake?" A good friend of mine asked me, the other day. I said I never had, but I definitely could! So she placed an order for a German Chocolate birthday cake. 

I researched several recipes, and since the recipes only varied slightly in ingredient measurements, mixing methods, etc, it was easy to find a solid base recipe; which I will start tinkering with to achieve sweet perfection.) 

Making the cake was a breeze. 
It was light and airy chocolatey deliciousness, and the icing was a sweet'n'toasty caramelized combination of coconut and pecans. 

 I was hesitant about the icing, it sure tasted delicious, but since I had never made or even tried German Chocolate Cake, I wasn't sure if it was the right delicious taste.  
Happy Happy Birthday, Josh! 
I hope your day was as sweet as this cake :)

Make your day Sweetly Entwined! 

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Pecan Pie a la Mode

Birthday Cake Pie

My manager is not big on desserts, so I had to do some recon to figure out what to make for his birthday. I was able to find out the only dessert he really likes is homemade pecan pie and vanilla ice cream. So that's just what I made for him.

The Pecan Pie and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream were a hit!
Next time I'll be sure to snap a picture before the ice cream starts melting. 

He had tried to keep his birthday a secret, so he was surprised to have birthday treats in the office. 


3 pounds of butter + 3 pounds of sugar, 6 pounds of flour + a dozen eggs + 14 hours in the kitchen = 200+ Eagle cookies for the Southeast Region Team RWB Member Social.

Though not the precise recipe, it is the bulk of what went into making these Eagle cookies.

Before and after the 7+ hours of decorating. 
Initially, Team RWB Atlanta planned to tailgate and attend the Atlanta Braves Military Appreciation game as a member social. But the event coincided with the Southeast Region Leadership Summit, and the group received hundreds of tickets as a donation from the Home Depot Foundation, so the event became a region social. Over 350+ Eagles came from 12 Team RWB chapters in 6 States. 

Talk about #EagleFire!
#EagleFire, #chaptersunite

This is the Eagle cookie cutter I made.

Making these cookies combines two of my passions: baking and serving those who serve(d) our country.

Recreating a Sweet Memory

This week I received an order from a customer looking to recreate the sweet treats from his wedding, in celebration of his 11th Anniversary. 

To surprise his wife, he ordered a Red Velvet cake with Cream Cheese Frosting and a Chocolate Cake with half yellow-Vanilla Frosting, half Chocolate Frosting as a tribute to the wedding and groom's cakes.

Happy 11th Anniversary! Wishing you a sweet celebration and many, many more to come!

Make your day Sweetly Entwined! 
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